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Skincare 101

You know that annoying girl who doesn’t even wash her face at night but has perfect skin? That used to be me. I’d maintained the same skincare regimen since middle school: cheap Neutrogena face cleanser in the morning and a splash of water before bed, and that’s it. I never had to work for it. Even in Beijing with its notorious air pollution, my skin remained miraculously impervious.

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White Space

And the home decorating process continues. I've yet to hang up my new art and gallery frames; I'm still deciding how they should be arranged and whether I ought to invest in a new dresser or not (which will of course influence the layout). This one, while incredibly good-value, is sadly not big enough to accommodate all my bras, bikinis and sweats (the rest of my clothes are hung or haphazardly organized in my closet).

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Home Inspiration

In Beijing, I never had the chance to invest in furniture. Blame it on the transient nature of expat life – I knew I would have to eventually deal with the trouble of shipping anything I loved, so I just tried not to buy anything I loved too much. (Especially if it was expensive.)

But now I’m in San Francisco. With a brand-new apartment to furnish. And endless cool furniture stores at my fingertips.

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