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Cancun Photo Diary

I know what you're thinking. Cancun?! Cancun goes hand-in-hand with beer, frat boys and spring break. And yeah, I probably would've preferred Tulum. But my older sister was flying down from Canada with a baby in tow (while she is the cutest, most photogenic niece in the world, she is not always the best-behaved on the plane), so Cancun made for a decent compromise.

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Hawaii Photo Diary

Over the years, Honolulu has become a sort of second home for my family. We've fallen into a predictable routine: Every eight months or so, when our skin has been sapped of all traces of the sun, we feel that familiar tug towards Hawaii. You might say we've developed an addiction to paradise.

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Costa Rica Photo Diary

I expected moist air, lush foliage and insects of mythic proportions. I got all that plus fast-moving iguanas and coatis, blessedly sweet tropical fruit and skies so blue they matched the ocean waves. If anyone is contemplating a trip to Costa Rica, I highly recommend the all-inclusive Westin Playa Conchal in Guanacaste – seriously good food and relaxing beyond your wildest dreams. My family thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It will be rough returning to Beijing after all this.

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