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Where to Shop in Beijing

Gone are the days when Beijing shopping meant traditional qipao garb and Louis Vuitton knockoffs. China's capital is now home to some of the most in-demand shops in the world, from European fast-fashion behemoths to Japanese couture houses. But the real draw is the sudden emergence of homegrown talents, whose designs reflect a burgeoning aesthetic unique to China.

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Wuhao: Going With the Flow

It's nothing short of a miracle how Wuhao manages to completely revamp its interiors, scout out fresh talent and launch new collaborations every season. Over the years, the shop has seen ice sculptures, inflatable bunnies and walls decked out in plastic butterflies, so I wondered what the year of the water snake might bring. Owner Isabelle Pascal unveiled the new store concept on January 17, the day of my return, so I made the trek down just as soon as I’d gotten over my jetlag.

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Shopping in Beijing: Gulou’s Best Boutiques

Gulou has long established itself as a shopping mecca – the “hipster” (read: younger, edgier and more affordable) alternative to Sanlitun and CBD’s luxury offerings. Since Nanluogu Xiang started marketing itself as “Beijing’s oldest hutong” and catering to tourists, all of the contiguous alleyways have benefited from the uptick in traffic. While NLGX has become oversaturated – no doubt a Starbucks opening is right around the corner – Gulou Dongdajie, Baochao, Wudaoying and Fangjia have begun drawing plentiful shops selling old and new (but mostly old) clothes, kitschy souvenirs, handmade jewelry and cutesy home accessories.

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