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A Hat to Rule Them All

So, a lot has happened since my last post.

I apologize for the four-month hiatus, but I was feeling burned out after the holidays and needed a break from blogging. That, and I bought a house (!!!), so my priorities understandably shifted from ‘the gram to interior decor. It wasn’t until last month that I finally felt settled in enough that I could relax.

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Last Days of Summer

Ok, so technically SF summer is long gone (I think this all went down in September, if I’m going to be honest), but I’m late as usual so this is just getting posted now. The current climate isn’t even close to being poolside-appropriate, though I’m trying to refrain from complaining since “cold” to us San Franciscans means 40 degrees low. Still. My tan is fast fading and I’m tired of wearing socks…

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White Space

And the home decorating process continues. I've yet to hang up my new art and gallery frames; I'm still deciding how they should be arranged and whether I ought to invest in a new dresser or not (which will of course influence the layout). This one, while incredibly good-value, is sadly not big enough to accommodate all my bras, bikinis and sweats (the rest of my clothes are hung or haphazardly organized in my closet).

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