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Exciting news, everyone: I’ve just found a place at Nurenjie (Lady Street) that sells knuckle rings! If, like me, you’ve been lusting after Catbird’s stackable knuckle rings but have been put off by their astronomical international shipping fees, you’ll love the jewelry at Yuan Yuan Decoration. The shop is small, literally a hole-in-the-wall, but every inch of space is decked out in different jewelry styles (from punk studs to chandelier earrings) by different designers (from local artisans to Betsey Johnson). Of course, some of the stuff is godawful, but go in with a discerning eye and you’re sure to find a few gems. Best of all, prices start reasonably cheap, and you don’t have to haggle. (If you insist, know that unless you buy several items, the storekeepers refuse to budge more than a few kuai). These babies cost RMB 65 and 85, respectively. 

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