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Live in Levis

No Californian’s wardrobe is complete without a solid pair of boyfriend jeans. If you don't know where to look, I'd definitely start with Levi's. Wear ‘em with sandals, ankle boots, heels – whatever your footwear of choice, they will help you convey that easygoing, relaxed vibe so essential to California chic.

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Seattle Photo Diary

I have a bit of a soft spot for Seattle because I lived there for a summer, right before my senior year in college. I had just turned 21 and it was my first time living alone, in a city, with no known friends or acquaintances. I remember trying hard to acquire an appreciation for wine (I ordered it just because I finally could, though I hated the taste at first), and also learning to buy groceries and cook for myself (beyond the instant noodles I’d previously prepared in the dorms, of course). It was a lot of time for self-reflection and growth – and also, I just couldn’t get over how much Seattle reminded me of San Francisco. The appearances and behavior of each city’s inhabitants, the mostly gloomy weather, the local foodie and tech culture – the similarities are just uncanny.

I haven’t had many opportunities to return since then, but my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding was a good excuse to go up for a weekend. We had limited time to explore (there were so many more coffee shops, restaurants and bars I wanted to see) but we made the best of it:

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