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Embracing Ugly

I’m wearing two “ugly” accessories I’ve recently become very fond of: these Le Specs x Adam Selman cat eye sunglasses and ballet-inspired pumps (links to both can be found above).

Both are slightly more feminine styles than I’m accustomed to, but pairing them with ripped jeans and a boyfriend-fit blouse makes them feel more “me.”

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Allbirds Wool Loungers

Never heard of Allbirds? Allow me to fill you in. They’re a San Francisco-based label dedicated to producing the most comfortable shoes imaginable (and I’m here to verify that they’ve achieved their goal). They use innovative materials (i.e. merino wool sourced from New Zealand) designed to minimize odor, regulate temperature and wick moisture, instead of the cheaper, synthetic alternatives most mainstream labels rely on. In fact, you don’t even have to wear socks with their kicks! (I’m serious. I don’t.)

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Going Grunge

It’s the age-old dilemma: I’m constantly torn between wanting to look ultra minimalist, or like a ‘90s Nirvana baby. Although clean and sleek lines usually win out, occasionally I break up the monotony with some plaid (my favorite shirt has multiple holes in it, but I continue to wear it), shredded denim and vintage band tees (usually procured from my favorite thrift stores in SF, which include but are not limited to: Painted BirdRe LoveAfterlife and Wasteland – yes, we're pretty spoiled for options here).

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Live in Levis

No Californian’s wardrobe is complete without a solid pair of boyfriend jeans. If you don't know where to look, I'd definitely start with Levi's. Wear ‘em with sandals, ankle boots, heels – whatever your footwear of choice, they will help you convey that easygoing, relaxed vibe so essential to California chic.

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Mom Jeans

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how San Francisco has been influencing my style. I’ve noticed a subtle and subconscious shift towards looking more dressed-down and unassuming, which has gotten me thinking – does this make me an impressionable human being, or an adaptable one? Does this happen to anyone else? I’d argue that there’s certain elements of my style that I stay true to, but then again, I’m still figuring out what I like and what works on me. If it were up to me, we’d all be dressing up every day though (I love a good excuse to get dolled up and wear heels – and sadly there aren’t too many opportunities in San Francisco).

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Cancun Photo Diary

I know what you're thinking. Cancun?! Cancun goes hand-in-hand with beer, frat boys and spring break. And yeah, I probably would've preferred Tulum. But my older sister was flying down from Canada with a baby in tow (while she is the cutest, most photogenic niece in the world, she is not always the best-behaved on the plane), so Cancun made for a decent compromise.

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