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Where to Shop in Beijing

Gone are the days when Beijing shopping meant traditional qipao garb and Louis Vuitton knockoffs. China's capital is now home to some of the most in-demand shops in the world, from European fast-fashion behemoths to Japanese couture houses. But the real draw is the sudden emergence of homegrown talents, whose designs reflect a burgeoning aesthetic unique to China.

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Shopping in Beijing: CBD’s Best Boutiques

At long last, here is the final list of my “Shopping in Beijing” series. This time, the spotlight is on Beijing’s Commercial Business District, which naturally is awash in luxury brand stores and glittering malls (all the better to serve its high-spending businesspeople clientele).

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Dong Liang Studio in Central Park

Back in 2009, Charles Wang (see my interview from 2011 with him here) and his partner Nam Lang opened a tiny 20-square-meter shop to promote their friends’ designs. At the time, stocking exclusively Chinese designers was a revolutionary concept. There was little to no respect for domestic talent; most assumed a market for them didn’t exist. Dong Liang Studio was instrumental in shifting this attitude, and paving the way for other likeminded platforms. (Brand New China and other Chinese designer boutiques followed approximately two years later. Lane Crawford, too, only started carrying local labels – for a much higher price, might I add – after seeing how well they did at Dong Liang Studio.)

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