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Portland Photo Diary

Portland is a fascinating place, especially to a San Franciscan. It represents much of what we used to be (alternative, weird and reveling in our subcultures, before the influx of tech bros and startup money) but with the same high standards for food and cocktails that we have only recently grown to expect.

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Seattle Photo Diary

I have a bit of a soft spot for Seattle because I lived there for a summer, right before my senior year in college. I had just turned 21 and it was my first time living alone, in a city, with no known friends or acquaintances. I remember trying hard to acquire an appreciation for wine (I ordered it just because I finally could, though I hated the taste at first), and also learning to buy groceries and cook for myself (beyond the instant noodles I’d previously prepared in the dorms, of course). It was a lot of time for self-reflection and growth – and also, I just couldn’t get over how much Seattle reminded me of San Francisco. The appearances and behavior of each city’s inhabitants, the mostly gloomy weather, the local foodie and tech culture – the similarities are just uncanny.

I haven’t had many opportunities to return since then, but my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding was a good excuse to go up for a weekend. We had limited time to explore (there were so many more coffee shops, restaurants and bars I wanted to see) but we made the best of it:

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