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Embracing Ugly

I’m wearing two “ugly” accessories I’ve recently become very fond of: these Le Specs x Adam Selman cat eye sunglasses and ballet-inspired pumps (links to both can be found above).

Both are slightly more feminine styles than I’m accustomed to, but pairing them with ripped jeans and a boyfriend-fit blouse makes them feel more “me.”

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Allbirds Wool Loungers

Never heard of Allbirds? Allow me to fill you in. They’re a San Francisco-based label dedicated to producing the most comfortable shoes imaginable (and I’m here to verify that they’ve achieved their goal). They use innovative materials (i.e. merino wool sourced from New Zealand) designed to minimize odor, regulate temperature and wick moisture, instead of the cheaper, synthetic alternatives most mainstream labels rely on. In fact, you don’t even have to wear socks with their kicks! (I’m serious. I don’t.)

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Hawaii Photo Diary

Trips to Honolulu have been a Wang family tradition for awhile now, but recently we’ve established more permanent ties in the form of a vacation home – so you can expect many more posts about Hawaii in coming years ;-)

This time was a girls’ trip with my besties – we all share a love for the sun (some of us more than others) and a voracious appetite (pretty evenly matched in this department), so collectively we had our priorities straight. Below is a list of our favorite finds:

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Shorts Season

How ridiculously bulky is this sweater, I love it. It feels like ages ago that I did this shoot, probably because I just got back from a two-week vacation in China and Thailand. I finally had an excuse to play around with my DLSR, and while I'm still learning, I think this is the start of an amateur photography addiction.

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