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Review: Itani Ramen

San Francisco and Oakland’s ramen scene used to be positively *dismal.* If you wanted good ramen, you had to trek out to the ‘burbs. But in the last few years, several new legit ramen restaurants have opened up – and I’d argue they are just as good as some of the options in San Mateo, if not better. The trouble with the majority of these SF spots are the crazy long lines.

So you can imagine my relief when I paid a visit to Itani Ramen, which I’d heard fantastic things about.

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Review: Chambers Eat + Drink Brunch

Brunch in San Francisco is almost always an ordeal – especially if you want to eat anywhere decent.

I’ll be honest: I still have never made it to Plow, Aina or Zazie’s. Not because they’re not delicious (I’ve heard from many credible sources that they are indeed worth the hype), but because I simply refuse to wait 2+ hours for any meal.

That being said, I have had the privilege of eating at Brenda’s and Outerlands (among other local gems), and plan on writing up a list of my top brunch spots in San Francisco soon… stay tuned!

In the meantime, though, I want to shed light on one of my most underrated favorites: Chambers Eat + Drink.

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Wine Tastings in Sonoma: Arrowood Vineyard

Although the weather was positively dismal last weekend (the streets were flooded and it was pouring nonstop), nothing could deter this group of bloggers from getting their wine tasting on at Arrowood Vineyard <3

This winery is resting on a hilltop in Sonoma, so even on a rainy day, the view is stunning. But of course the real draw is Cabernet Sauvignon, their signature wine (and my personal favorite).

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Review: Yuzuki Japanese Eatery

I’m both a Dolores Park regular and chicken karage lover, so imagine my surprise when I learned there was an amazing izakaya restaurant on the corner of Guerrero and 18th Street.

Like its food, Yuzuki Japanese Eatery’s exterior is quiet and unassuming – and easy to miss, given the distracting bustle across the street at Tartine Bakery. But its $90 six-course tasting menu for two is thoughtfully curated and incredibly good-value, given the quality of ingredients and the quantity of food.

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Review: Tamarind Hall

I love Thai food – even more so since my recent trip to Bangkok – and we have options aplenty in San Francisco. Quantity, however, does not necessarily equal quality – it’s way more challenging to get good Thai food than one would expect.

I do have my go-to spots (i.e. Marnee Thai in the Outer Sunset and Ler Ros Thai in Hayes Valley and the Tenderloin), but they're better suited for takeout/casual dining. There are few, if any, fancier alternatives offering modern Thai food in an upscale environment.

Thankfully, the newly opened Tamarind Hall in North Beach – named after a sour fruit often used in Thai cuisine – has emerged to fill that void.

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