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Skincare 101

You know that annoying girl who doesn’t even wash her face at night but has perfect skin? That used to be me. I’d maintained the same skincare regimen since middle school: cheap Neutrogena face cleanser in the morning and a splash of water before bed, and that’s it. I never had to work for it. Even in Beijing with its notorious air pollution, my skin remained miraculously impervious.

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Current Faves

1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Jet comes in handy when it comes to smoky eye makeup. I know I waxed on about Revlon Full 'n Soft eyeliner in a previous post, but the problem is that it’s so heavy-duty that it sucks for blending. I typically line my upper lid with Revlon, then smudge Bobbi Brown liner into my eyeshadow along my lower lash line.

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Bargain Beauty Buys: Daily Essentials

I’ve been wearing makeup since the 7th grade. My mother couldn’t keep me away – I would steal the leftover stubs of my older sister’s eyeliner, so desperate was I to be grown-up. My enthusiasm for cosmetics has not waned since then, and over the years, I’ve tried out hundreds of products. Most of the magazines I read growing up were tailored to white women, with their longer lashes and pink-tinted skin, so I had to figure out on my own which brands and palettes best suited my Asian features. Above are all very affordable items that passed the test.

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