Statement Earrings


So I’ve seen a huge change in my sartorial preferences these last few months…

I’d say it all began with my sudden attraction to the color red. I went from finally warming up to the idea of wearing millenial pink to quickly abandoning it in favor of crimson – even though just a few months ago I had trouble locating a single red article of clothing to wear on Chinese New Year. Now I have a red tank top, red pants, and I’m still on the hunt for a red satin slip dress. (Feel free to share links below if you’ve found any cute ones!)

From there, it was a natural progression to flashier jewelry and wide-leg pants. ‘80s nostalgia is clearly back in a big way (though I’m taking a hard stance against blue eyeshadow and permed fe-mullets, trends that thankfully have not been revived – at least yet). 

I like to think of these Laura Lombardi earrings as the perfect transitional earrings for the die-hard minimalist, who for years has stuck to barely-there studs (if she even wore earrings at all) <3