Born in SF

BRIXTON   hat   / TOPSHOP  sweater  / OLD NAVY   jeans    PHOTOS BY DAVID LEONG

BRIXTON hat / TOPSHOP sweater / OLD NAVY jeans


I was so honored to be chosen to participate in SKYY Vodka's #BornInSF campaign <3

For those of you unaware, I'm a true San Francisco native, born and raised. (Well, technically I was "raised" in Hillsborough/San Mateo, but I spent the first two years of my life in the Outer Sunset before my parents moved us to the 'burbs.) I've always known how lucky I was to live in the Bay Area, but this feeling was only reinforced the more time I spent away from my hometown (first at Smith College in Northampton, MA, where I froze my butt off every winter; and then in Beijing, China, where pollution was a very real part of daily life, and there was a dearth of farmers' markets and burritos).

And below, in no particular order, are 10 reasons why I love SF:

  • The weather. The temperature never really drops below 45 degrees, or goes above 75 degrees (except in rare circumstances), so it's like living in a city with fall weather all year-round.
  • Which brings me to my next point: There are very few creepy bugs (probably because it just doesn't get hot enough). Although I see the occasional cockroach or spider, it's nothing like what I encountered in Beijing or even in NYC.
  • The easy access to farmers' markets and organic, sustainably grown produce.
  • The abundance of good eats and drinks from a variety of cuisines, from Vietnamese to Mexican to new American.
  • The city's history of counterculture and progressivism, which lends it its refreshing weirdness, but also its collective desire to enact positive change.
  • Our proximity to the ocean, which means we have clean air (something I don't take for granted since living in Beijing) and no shortage of fresh and cheap oysters.
  • Our proximity to the outdoors, like Muir Woods and Point Reyes (you can read my guide to Point Reyes in my blog post here). San Franciscans are constantly going hiking on the weekends and generally espousing a healthy mindset about exercise, which in turn inspires me to be more active.
  • And finally, our proximity to wine country, including Sonoma, Napa and Healdsburg. We are just a 45-minute drive away from world-class wineries galore.
  • Last but not least, the people. My family and friends I grew up with are all here, but beyond that, most San Franciscans are friendly, easygoing and have a social conscience.

To see what I had to say about SF to SKYY Vodka, you can visit their Instagram here.