Review: Chambers Eat + Drink Brunch

Brunch in San Francisco is almost always an ordeal – especially if you want to eat anywhere decent.

I’ll be honest: I still have never made it to Plow, Aina or Zazie’s. Not because they’re not delicious (I’ve heard from many credible sources that they are indeed worth the hype), but because I simply refuse to wait 2+ hours for any meal.

That being said, I have had the privilege of eating at Brenda’s and Outerlands (among other local gems), and plan on writing up a list of my top brunch spots in San Francisco soon… stay tuned!

In the meantime, though, I want to shed light on one of my most underrated favorites: Chambers Eat + Drink.

Most people think of this venue for dinner and drinks, as opposed to daytime activities. What everyone else is overlooking is the fact that Chambers has an excellent outdoor patio *with a pool* (not for diners' use, since it technically belongs to their neighbor Phoenix hotel, but still aesthetically pleasing nonetheless). And lest you’re afraid it gets cold – a legitimate concern year-round in San Francisco – there are gloriously cozy heat lamps.

But beyond the fun Miami-esque ambiance, the food goes above and beyond.

One of my favorite brunch dishes in San Francisco are Chambers’ eggs royale, with two sous vide eggs, crispy hash browns, cold smoked trout, mandarin hollandaise, caviar, chive, dill and crème fraiche. These are all of my most beloved ingredients in the world, expertly assembled on one beautiful plate, so it was a given I would adore this dish.

The pork belly (with gochujang, caramelized onions, yukon potato, black garlic and two soft boiled eggs) was also unbelievably decadent – I’d advise this be shared – and the famous Chambers burger did not disappoint.

And although I do not have a sweet tooth, a major crowdpleaser at our table was the souffle pancake with fresh berries, vanilla berry puree and maple ice cream.

But of course, no brunch can be perfect without a great Bloody – and Chambers gives you the option of ordering it with your liquor of choice (vodka, gin, tequila or even beer ) <3

TIP: Chambers accepts reservations, so if you're booking ahead of time, I'd recommend requesting outdoor seating. Happy eating this weekend, my loves! xx