Review: Goby Electric Toothbrush

This post is sponsored by Goby.


Once you go electric, you can never go back.

At least that’s what I discovered once I switched to a Sonicare in college. No matter how thoroughly I brush with a manual toothbrush, the end result just doesn’t compare. You simply can’t get into all the nooks and crannies of your mouth – especially not in under two minutes – nor can you acquire the same gleaming sheen on your teeth.

I’d been pretty faithful to my same electric toothbrush for years, but when I first came across Goby (named after the fish known as the “dentist of the ocean”), I immediately fell in love with their minimalist design.

I’ll readily admit that I’m the type of person to buy beauty products based on the packaging; I just never applied the same logic to electric toothbrushes. Not because I didn’t care, but because there weren’t any solid alternatives.

Now Goby is here to change the rules of the game – and for great price points, too (just $50 for the toothbrush and $6 for toothbrush heads after that with subscription). They’ve made a conscious effort to resolve all the issues associated with traditional electric toothbrushes – issues I didn’t realize I even had, and am now forever grateful to not have to deal with.

For example, my Sonicares always cost over $100 and were a pain to keep clean – there were too many small parts which led to an inevitable build-up of mold over time. In contrast, Goby’s electric toothbrush has a smooth surface (to prevent gunk) and a sleek stand (to discreetly collect toothpaste residue, with a removable tray for convenient cleaning).

I also always resented having to make space in my suitcase for Sonicare’s bulky wire chargers when I went on vacation. Fortunately, Goby has designed a compact USB charging shell that requires only two charges per month – so not only is it easy to pack, but it’s also compatible with all my other electronics.

It’s safe to say that I’ve become a Goby convert – and not just because I like the way it looks on my bathroom vanity. It does a damn good job of keeping the cavities at bay as well <3