Covry Eyewear

All my fellow Asians can probably sympathize with my plight to find a good pair of glasses. Most frames are simply not designed for our lower nose bridges, which means we're constantly pushing them up every five minutes. Not ideal.


Enter Covry, a New York-based eyewear brand that got its start on Kickstarter. Founders Athina Wang and Florence Shin spent two years perfecting an “Elevated Fit” that features longer nose pads, a reduced frame curvature and narrowed nose bridge. Previously they specialized in sunglasses, but now they’re releasing their first optical collection!

Finally I have some specs that sit comfortably on my face – and they’re actually stylish, too. I was torn between the Pavo and the Rigl designs, but ultimately settled on the Pavo in amber since I feel I’d wear them more.

If you’ve struggled with glasses in the past, I highly recommend Covry!