ZARA  dress pants  / ZARA  camel knit  / J.CREW  button-down (similar  here )  / PD PAOLA   rings

ZARA dress pants / ZARA camel knit / J.CREW button-down (similar here/ PD PAOLA rings

It’s hard for me to remember I’m no longer 24 years old (my brain tries to delude me into thinking time froze at this age). But there are constant reminders: the excruciating headaches I experience after a heavy night of drinking; my growing affinity for dinner parties over clubbing; my enthusiasm over a new vacuum cleaner (albeit a Dyson); and, of course, my evolving style.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I now have far less tolerance for the impractical. Back in the day my favorite denim shorts had a huge hole in the left butt cheek, and I’d rock them without batting an eye. In high school and college I would regularly wear halter tops and tight tube tops, which required painful strapless bras that were forever needing readjusting. In my early 20s I would squeeze into skinny jeans that took several minutes – not seconds – to get on.

Oh, how times have changed. Nowadays, the only jeans I wear are boyfriend fit or jeggings. I can’t remember the last time I sported skintight pants, with the exception of leather leggings (leggings being the operative word). I find myself drawn more towards dress pants and blazers, rather than my shaggy fur coats and sheer lace tops (though don’t get me wrong – I still intend to bring out that side of me on the weekends now and then). Am I just growing up? Is my style maturing?!

I hope I'm not that old yet, but I also don't think trading in trends for timeless comfort is necessarily a bad thing.