Mom Jeans

FREE PEOPLE    mock turtleneck     / MANGO   leather jacket   / LEVI'S   jeans   / ZARA  sandals  / GIVENCHY   Obsedia bag

FREE PEOPLE mock turtleneck / MANGO leather jacket / LEVI'S jeans / ZARA sandals / GIVENCHY Obsedia bag

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how San Francisco has been influencing my style. I’ve noticed a subtle and subconscious shift towards looking more dressed-down and unassuming, which has gotten me thinking – does this make me an impressionable human being, or an adaptable one? Does this happen to anyone else? I’d argue that there’s certain elements of my style that I stay true to, but then again, I’m still figuring out what I like and what works on me. If it were up to me, we’d all be dressing up every day though (I love a good excuse to get dolled up and wear heels – and sadly there aren’t too many opportunities in San Francisco).

What about you all? Have your sartorial styles ever been transformed by your geographical locations?