Grandma's Scarf

VINTAGE  T-shirt (via  Painted Bird ) /   GAP    jeggings   /  GIVENCHY    Antigona tote   /  ADIDAS    Stan Smith sneakers

VINTAGE T-shirt (via Painted Bird) / GAP jeggings / GIVENCHY Antigona tote / ADIDAS Stan Smith sneakers

From day one, I've been wearing the fruits of my grandma's labor. Yarn caps, sweaters, gloves, socks, blankets – you name it, she's knitted it.

My grandma has been knitting me stuff to wear for as long as I can remember. Knit caps, sweaters, gloves and of course scarves. This one was handmade for me when I told her I was going to Smith College – she wanted to ease my transition to the east coast climate.

Sadly this black scarf wasn’t quite chunky or warm enough to protect me against the cold in Northampton, MA (nothing could have accomplished that), but it serves me pretty well here in the Bay Area.