Sonoma Photo Diary

Two trips to Sonoma in the past month – sounds outlandish but it’s truly not, given my recent discovery that wine country is home to the best damn food and drinks ever. Sonoma feels like the best of both worlds: offering a taste of the countryside, but without sacrificing the quality and comforts of city life. Below are a few of my favorite finds:

FAVORITE WINERY: Kunde Family Estate was by far the loveliest vineyard we visited, spanning over 1800 acres with lush foliage, water fountains and – get this – wine caves! Wine caves take advantage of the natural landscape to provide ideal conditions for storing and aging wine, and Kunde offers free tours of their tunnels by the hour. They also have a gorgeous main room which apparently can be rented out for special occasions.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: The Kenwood's Yelp reviews are super mixed, but don’t let that stop you. Either the staff got their act together or the reviewers were unreasonably nostalgic for the former occupant (sounds like a combination of both). All the ingredients are locally sourced and organic, and the food is nothing short of magical – especially the kale caesar salad, the foie gras and the crispy trout. I’d recommend sitting on the outdoor patio so that you can enjoy the view of rolling hills surrounding you on all sides as you eat.

FAVORITE CAFÉ: Basque Boulangerie Café is located in the heart of the adorable historic downtown area, and the baked goods are to die for. Literally wanted to try everything here but it’s their famous beehive cake with real honey that earns Basque a notable mention.

OTHER NOTABLE MENTIONS: Girl & The Fig is probably the most famous Sonoma stalwart. Yeah, the food was phenomenal but the restaurant itself felt overhyped, especially since we had to wait until 10:30pm to snag a dinner reservation. I also found its picnic-style fare better suited for lunch. El Dorado Kitchen across the street, on the other hand, is far more spacious, with equally-looking delicious food (unfortunately didn’t have the chance to sample it). I can speak for their cocktails though, which were top-notch.