Skincare 101

CHANEL  Le Weekend /  CLARINS  multi-active night cream  / JURLIQUE  rose water mist  / AESOP  face oil

CHANEL Le Weekend / CLARINS multi-active night cream / JURLIQUE rose water mist / AESOP face oil

You know that annoying girl who doesn’t even wash her face at night but has perfect skin? That used to be me. I’d maintained the same skincare regimen since middle school: cheap Neutrogena face cleanser in the morning and a splash of water before bed, and that’s it. I never had to work for it. Even in Beijing with its notorious air pollution, my skin remained miraculously impervious.

Whenever I tried to incorporate fancy skincare products, they would instantly cause flare-ups. Toner was a recurring culprit. As much as I enjoyed seeing how much dirt I was rubbing off my face, it just disrupted the natural balance of my skin.

All that changed when I moved back to San Francisco, ironically a city known for its clean air and healthy habits. For the first time in my life I was experiencing acne breakouts, all concentrated on my forehead and chin. It was terrible. I had been spoiled all my life and now I was ill-equipped to deal.

It took a few months to realize the blemishes weren’t going away, at which point I decided to make some serious adjustments to my daily routine.

The first product I invested in was Le Weekend de Chanel. Obviously a $100+ moisturizer seemed insane, particularly since I was used to spending $15/year on skin products. But my little sister raved about it, the online reviews were great, and I was desperate. And trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. You’re supposed to save it for the weekends, but it’s improved my skin so much I use a tiny smidgen on my problem areas every single morning.

While that left my forehead taken care of, my cheeks were suddenly plagued by overdryness. No matter how much Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream I applied, they’d still be ashy/peeling by morning. Enter Aesop Fabulous Face Oil…not only is the packaging gorgeous, but the products also work! I squeeze a couple drops onto my cheeks and forehead everyday, and voila. I’ve seen massive improvement and it smells lovely, too.

Now that I’m getting older, I’m also finally getting concerned with wrinkles. The standard moisturizer didn’t seem rich enough (see issues with skin peeling above). Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream came highly recommended on and I’m overall incredibly pleased. The texture manages to be creamy yet light at the same time, and there is a subtle scent I’ve grown quote fond of. I’ve been using this as an eye cream in the mornings as well and it’s really softened the skin around my eyes.

Last but not least, I have a newfound infatuation with Jurlique Rose Water Mist. A small spritz and your skin is suddenly dewy and refreshed. This sample version is small enough to fit in a purse – totally ideal.