Gray Knit

MADEWELL   cable pullover knit   / MADEWELL   boyfriend jeans   / CHELSEA BOOTS (via  Beijing's Silk Market ) / GIVENCHY   Obsedia bag

MADEWELL cable pullover knit / MADEWELL boyfriend jeans / CHELSEA BOOTS (via Beijing's Silk Market) / GIVENCHY Obsedia bag

I've been on the hunt for a solid gray knit for awhile. For some reason, even though I'm an avid J.Crew shopper, I'd forgotten about Madewell. Imagine my surprise when I decided to browse Madewell out of the blue and found a plethora of amazingness: all the plaid shirts, denim, leather accessories and knits I have been looking for and could never find. Seriously.

When shopping for a sweater, keep this checklist in mind: 

  1. Is it comfortable? This is one of the biggest perks about a good knit. Avoid the scratchy, woolly kinds in favor of luxe, cozy pullovers. Why suffer when superior versions are out there?
  2. Is it a good length? The most versatile sweater, I would argue, hangs just over the top of your bum. Yeah, the cropped sweater has its time and place to shine, but the knit that gets the most wear can be tucked into your mini/maxi skirts and jeans. 
  3. Is it slouchy in the right ways? Above all, of course, the fit must be flattering. Does it fall on your body in that just-got-out-of-bed-and-threw-this-on type of way? Does it layer well with your coats? All important questions to consider.

For the most part, this Madewell knit passes with flying colors ;-)