Denim Skirt

ZARA    denim skirt    / ACNE STUDIOS    Pistol booties    / J.CREW    silk pocket   blouse    

ZARA denim skirt / ACNE STUDIOS Pistol booties / J.CREW silk pocket blouse 

The last denim miniskirt I owned was from Abercrombie & Fitch (a brand I no longer wear for social conscience reasons). It was way too short, which probably explains why I wore it every other day. Thankfully, all my jean skirts suffered the same fate as my Cathy Jean sneakers did: relegated to the back of my closet after school, never to be seen again.
Until now, that is. You’ve all witnessed the resurgence of athletic footwear in the past couple years (and clearly I’ve jumped on that boat), but who could’ve foreseen the revival of the denim miniskirt – and a button-down version, no less? 

I have to admit, they appeal to me for the same reasons that sneakers do again: They’re ugly-cute. They’re nostalgic. And we’ve been stuck wearing only denim shorts for so long that we’re craving something different. I'm already got my eye on some overalls but not sure if I'm ready to make the jump quite yet...