Ring Party

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(FROM LEFT)  HOMEGROWNSILVERSTONE   stacking rings (via Etsy)   / RUE GEMBON   Natascha Silver midi ring duo   /  RUE GEMBON   Vincy Gold midi ring set   / CATBIRD   Tomboy knuckle ring

(FROM LEFT) HOMEGROWNSILVERSTONE stacking rings (via Etsy) / RUE GEMBON Natascha Silver midi ring duo /  RUE GEMBON Vincy Gold midi ring set / CATBIRD Tomboy knuckle ring

I can't believe it's taken me so long to jump on the bandwagon.

I first featured Rue Gembon on the blog in July 2013, around the time of their launch. An e-shop touting edgy, quality and unique jewelry for affordable prices sounded too good to be true. I had faith, though, because of the caliber of the founders: Nikki Lam and Joyce Lam, two girls I knew in Beijing with impeccable style.

Fast forward a year later and this brand has blossomed beyond expectation. The cool-girl styling and editorial content have earned Rue Gembon a loyal following. I'm picky about my baubles, but I was impressed to find a pretty expertly curated variety of styles, from simple and delicate (right up my alley, as noted before) to ultra-hip and trendy. Their midi ring duos and sets are especially good-value, and more importantly, the designs are hard to replicate.

And have you seen the packaging? Keep up the good work, RG.