Standard Uniform

NASTYGAL   cropped leather jacket   / TOPSHOP   ribbed sweater   / GAP   jeggings   / GIVENCHY   Antigona   / NIKE   free run sneakers

NASTYGAL cropped leather jacket / TOPSHOP ribbed sweater / GAP jeggings / GIVENCHY Antigona / NIKE free run sneakers

Like the rest of the world, I like black because it's slimming. But also because it forces me to play around more with texture.

Without the distraction of colors and patterns, it's easier to highlight the sleekness of leather against the roughness of denim, the wooliness of knits, the fluffiness of fur. It's fun, and best of all, it's flattering.

The downside is my mother is constantly asking why I dress like a goth. Sorry, Mom... can't stop won't stop.