What to Wear to a Baby Shower

  1. H&M Camisole Top
  4. NASTY GAL Flatform
  6. RAY-BAN Round Sunglasses
  7. BUTTER Nail Polish

Last weekend, I did something that made me feel officially grown-up: I attended my first baby shower.

I had a ton of questions beforehand (“Is it inappropriate to wear white, or does that rule only apply to bridal showers?” “Can I wear jeans?” “Do I have to bring a gift there or can I order off the registry? Or am I supposed to do both?!”). It didn’t help that I was one of the youngest people invited (besides the children, they don’t count), and that all the other guests were seasoned baby shower pros. Asking them felt so NOOB.

So I tried to do some research online and was shocked to find … very little credible information. The few proposed baby shower outfits I stumbled upon looked hideous, their accompanying rules fussy and out-of-touch.

I was feeling a bit rebellious (and defiant of the whole “feminine” dress code) and followed my gut: white wide-leg linen pants for a relaxed daytime look, finished with a blue silk cami and a black oversized blazer draped over the shoulders. Not entirely masculine, but not frills and florals either. And guess what, ladies and gentleman? It went down just fine.

What I’ve observed about baby showers:

  • Paying homage to the origins of the baby shower (i.e. donning heels and a dress) is a nice touch, but it really depends on the type of event. Gauge how formal it will be by looking at the time the event is scheduled to take place, the season and the venue, then determine whether such adornments will be necessary. Otherwise you might show up completely overdressed and feel foolish.
  • Uh, feminine-style garb is entirely appropriate if that’s your mood, but so is masculine. It really doesn’t matter anymore, not since it has become socially acceptable for men to play a more active role in the parenting process and attend baby showers IMO.
  • Denim is okay, at least in San Francisco, the land of casual dressing. One of my favorite outfits I saw was a black blouse (buttoned all the way to the top) paired with tight skinny jeans and pink suede heels. Casual yet sassy and girly, and perfectly appropriate.
  • White is okay, too. At this point, especially because so many baby showers are daytime events, it just seems ridiculous to deprive your guests of this hue. Probably still a no-no for bridal showers though.
  • I ordered off the registry for fear of purchasing something that someone else has also brought, but now I see that was silly. Seeing tears well up in my friend’s eyes as she was opening presents (even over something seemingly small, like a duck-patterned swaddle blanket or a onesie that reads “I Love Mommy”) was priceless. A personal touch goes a long way.