Hawaii Photo Diary

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Over the years, Honolulu has become a sort of second home for my family. We've fallen into a predictable routine: Every eight months or so, when our skin has been sapped of all traces of the sun, we feel that familiar tug towards Hawaii. You might say we've developed an addiction to paradise.

Fresh sashimi, friendly vibes and warm ocean breezes are just the start of it. Perhaps the most startling aspect of the islands – something I find myself wholly unprepared for every time – is the sheer variety of color. Golden sand sifting through your toes like silk, blue-green waves swathing your body like a deliciously cool blanket and – an event you never take for granted after living in China for four years – blissfully blue skies for days.

We didn’t rent a car this time around and so we didn’t have a chance to return to Lanikai or North Shore, but that was quite all right by my sister and me. We spent the bulk of our days roasting under the sun and eating ludicrous amounts of food. 

Till next time, Honolulu.