Triple-Major Shanghai

Photo courtesy of  Triple-Major

Photo courtesy of Triple-Major

The multi-brand "concept shop" with humble roots in Beijing's Baochao Hutong has since spread its avant-garde garb to Hong Kong and Shanghai a move that's been well-received, as it turns out. According to Triple-Major's Instagram, the Shanghai branch recently expanded from the ground floor to occupy all four floors of the building. Now, at 300 square meters, the space can accommodate more labels, as well as areas for homewares, exhibitions, an "eye-candy" vending machine and a minibar.

If you're in Shanghai, check out the re-opening party on Thursday, November 21 from 7-9pm, featuring an exhibition by Mao Usami.

Congratulations to owner Ritchie Chan (a.k.a. marketing genius and retail mastermind). Will have to stop by the next time I'm in Shanghai!

Bldg 1, Lane 25 Shaoxing Lu, Huangpu District