Wuhao: Going With the Flow


It's nothing short of a miracle how Wuhao manages to completely revamp its interiors, scout out fresh talent and launch new collaborations every season. Over the years, the shop has seen ice sculptures, inflatable bunnies and walls decked out in plastic butterflies, so I wondered what the year of the water snake might bring. Owner Isabelle Pascal unveiled the new store concept on January 17, the day of my return, so I made the trek down just as soon as I’d gotten over my jetlag.


No snakes in sight – Isabelle told me to think of the water snake more figuratively, as in “going with the flow.” Meanwhile, Naihan Li’s portable furniture from last year were still on display in all the rooms, brimming with scarves, jewelry and clothes. Several new menswear pieces by Christopher Raeburn, including a gorgeous trench coat in both black and khaki, are exciting additions to look out for. 


What I love about Wuhao is that every item they stock has a story, down to these cuff links. 


Salt and pepper dumpling shakers, also available in baozi form. 


In love with this room. Wish the lighting was a bit better in this photo. 


 Every client gets a private tour at Wuhao.


This young Chinese jewelry designer, a recent graduate from Beijing's CAFA, is interested not in perfection but in flaws. Wu Mian starts out with an immaculately formed ring and builds upon it, adding more and more "defects" until she achieves a unique brand of beauty.


LBDs galore.


That extra-long dress in the middle is made by Wang Yifang, a new Chinese designer whose latest collection is being featured in an upcoming issue of Vogue China. Isabelle tells me there is already a great deal of buzz surrounding this recent Central Saint Martins alum, and feels privileged that Wuhao will be her exclusive Beijing stockist. Also shown (see bottom left and top right) are jackets by Shanghainese designer Silent Voice.


Even the mannequins are full of sass.

Wuhao in all its water snake glory is open to the public from now until Chinese New Year. Wed-Sun 2-8pm. 35 Mao'er Hutong, Dongcheng District (189 1135 5035)